About Our Memorial Jewellery

Established in 2014, following the tragic death of a family member, Cathy and Sara embarked on a journey to try and heal themselves and our sister Company, Encanto Jewellery was born.  

During the passage of time and listening their valued customers’ feedback it became apparent that many wished to have their loved ones’ cremation ash (or hair) included within their precious jewellery. With Cathy’s artistic flair and eye for colour and detail she worked closely with a team of silversmiths to produce the fine 925 sterling silver jewellery that Ashes to Heirloom offers today.

Importantly, Cathy was and is very keen that your loved one’s ashes are encapsulated in glass (rather than resin), making them more robust and durable and able to stand the test of time.

The Ashes to Heirloom exclusive range of memorial jewellery to suits all budgets and tastes, and it continues to grow.These range from small simple necklaces, to more unusual and intricate pendants which embrace Ashes to Heirloom’s Exclusive “Glass Ash Pearls” securely within their core. These can be produced in a range of colours and if you have a special request Cathy will try her very best to oblige. She can often be heard saying “I never say no, until I really mean No”

In keeping with Cathy & Sara’s personalised ethos, and at a small extra cost, you have the option to add a metal plaque with your loved one’s name and photo engraved onto it. When your order is placed, or if you speak with Cathy you will be asked what you would like written, as some customers prefer something a little more personal like nick names or favourite sayings.

And as a post script – Cathy and Sara like to treat their customers as people and not just a number in the order book. The same can be said for your loved ones’ ashes entrusted into their care. They are handled with the utmost care and respect in a sterile environment and all unused ash is returned to you, carefully packaged in the base of your gift box.