Ordering & Posting Ashes FAQ’s

How to Order

  • Upon receipt of your order we will send you out a collection kit together with full instructions and a brief questionnaire so that we can gather more information about your loved one, we will require about a teaspoon of cremation ash (please see Royal Mail Information below).  When sending your kit back to us we advise that you use the Royal Mail Special Delivery so that it can be tracked.
  • Orders take up to 4 weeks to process from the date we receive your kit, times can vary upwards to a maximum of 6 weeks depending on the time of year so please keep this on mind when placing your order
  • Once we have completed your order, we will send it to you via Royal Mail Signed For with any unused ash placed in the base of the gift box

Can you send cremation ashes in the post?

You cannot send the whole amount of cremated human remains / cremation ashes in the post. You can however send up to 50g of ashes.

The Post Office prohibits the full amount being sent either: nationally via Royal Mail and Parcelforce and internationally through Parcelforce Worldwide UK, which includes mail services: First Class, Second Class and Special Delivery

The consequence is that Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to items, not that you will incur a fine for sending them.

This is what they say:

  • UK &International – Allowed in the mail, see restrictions and packaging guidelines below:

Section h) Human and animal ashes: must have a volume per item not exceeding 50 grams and must be placed in a sift-proof container and securely closed. Items must be tightly packed in strong outer packaging and must be secured or cushioned to prevent any damage. The sender’s name and return address must be clearly visible on the outer packaging.”

Excerpt taken from The Royal Mail Overseas Letter Post Scheme 30 January 2017